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All Star Weekend
Actors Giving Back is a celebrity based talent development program and acting school.

The company was founded by famous actor and director, David DeLuise from the Emmy Award winning show, “Wizards of Waverly Place.” David played the loveable and hilarious, “Jerry Russo”, Selena Gomez’ dad on the show.  The other celebrity mentors that are part of Actors Giving Back  include Adam Irigoyen from “Shake It Up”, Paris Berelc from “Mighty Med, Ryan Ochoa from “Pair of Kings” and  the new “Moshtly Ghostly”, Dylan Riley Snyder from "Kickin' It", Bill Chott from “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “The Ringer” and Anneliese van der Pol from “That’s So Raven.

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Actors Giving Back takes its clients by the hand and teaches them the ropes of how to get involved in the entertainment industry the RIGHT WAY. We train young actors between the ages of 7-17 in commercial acting, improvisation, monologues, cold reading and scene study.

The company was founded in 2009 to revolutionize the talent development industry. There are so many companies that take advantage of families trying to get started in the entertainment business. Some of those companies even took advantage of some well-known actors including David DeLuise. His name and image were used by a company without permission for almost 2 years after he hosted a ONE DAY event for them. It was brought to his attention by a Disney Channel attorney and the situation was taken care of immediately. That is when we all realized we need to put a stop to those companies. That experience made David realize there is a true need for a company that is honest and straight forward with people. David and an entertainment executive reached out to some of their actor friends that you have seen on the “Disney Channel” and other networks to get involved with this project and give back to the kids and fans of their shows. Kids now have the chance to have their favorite actors they watch on T.V. personally guide them, teach them and mentor them. 

We have now seen similar companies follow in our footsteps and even use the words, “Giving Back” and “Celebrity Mentors.” We are proud to be the leaders of this positive movement. Actors Giving Back is keeping the talent development industry honest. We are and will continue to be the original advocates for child actors.

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CTD Education Guarantee
The workshops are for educational purposes only. This is not an audition or guarantee of work.
The presence of a Talent Agent or industry professional is not a guarantee or implication of a job offer of any kind.
We are not offering employment, a job opportunity or an audition, only training. We are bonded in the State of California. Bond #100153513


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